Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Loser Cruiser Abuser

The company where I work offers incentives for alternative transportation. So, with free pass in hand, I started riding the bus to work this week. There are a lot of personal and ecological motivations, but the big two are, 1) it takes about the same amount of time, car versus bus; and 2) I have a bad case of traffic Tourette's when I drive.

Quick recap of my accumulated total of three rides:
1. Tried to get on the wrong bus for the morning commute. Bus driver misses a stop, and later goes the wrong way down a one-way street.
2. Tried to get on the wrong bus again in the afternoon.
3. Kid with earphones sings along, extremely intermittently, and rushes to door at every stop to spit, due to the huge wad of dip deforming his bottom lip.

Although, I know it'll become second nature soon enough. That's when you experience the real joys, like being lulled to sleep by the gentle, rumbling ride and missing your stop.

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Ash said...

Why are there always crazy people on the bus? I mean - if you are going to chew bring a cup or something!