Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brace Yourself

Awareness bracelets have become popular, especially among the young. While the yellow Live Strong ones seem to be most prevalent, there are a variety of colors and supported causes for the bracelets (much like those magnetic ribbons). But I wonder, when someone wears an awareness bracelet, is it an advertisement to others or a reminder to one's self about something?

You see, I have what I've described as "raging apathy". So when I wear this, it's more a warning sign than anything else.
Apathy bracelet(I love the neutral gray color; it matches my geekskin almost exactly.)

Raggs has come to the brink of physical violence just for the way I point at it when I don't care about something. Which is a lot.


DK said...

Do you want my "Corporate Whore" awareness bracelet for your other arm?

Ash said...

I think if you wear it with the message facing others it’s a warning. If the message faces you, it is a reminder. He he heeeee - Geekskin. :)