Friday, June 08, 2007

Activity Corner

Time for some more mindless Friday fun!

  • The top 5 Jedi college fight videos.

  • The Czech Skoda with wooden wheels. Yes, actual tree cross-sections!

  • Among other things, Jeff Victor draws a lot of "bubblehead" Star Wars characters on his blog.

  • Take the excellent German film The Downfall, add the recent controversy of Microsoft dropping the Xbox 360 banhammer on lots of folks, and you get the very funny Adolf Hitler: Gamer video. Warning: Lots of subtitled expletives.

  • Sure, it's a promotional game, but an amazingly-rendered computer board game. Get the Glass.

  • It's super geeky! A fan with LEDs on the blades allows you to make moving images. Watch the video on the product page.

  • In case you haven't seen it, Mr. Lee used a digital camera to see what his cat does all day. It's the cat cam.

  • Lego art.

  • Bored at work? Challenge your officemates to a game of wikigroaning.

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