Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday, Groggy Monday

Twice a year, I am amused by the reactions people have in response to the time change, and today is no different. Today I have experienced:

  • An amazingly easy commute due to 50% less traffic than normal.

  • A practically empty workplace, even accounting for the normal "start late, stay late" syndrome.

  • People complaining about adapting to the new time.

  • Twice a year, it seems that the universe is tilted on its side and people are thrown into the Twilight Zone. They claw and fight against the visible tears in the fabric of reality, to no avail.

    Um, you guys know it's only an hour, right? I mean, you get more jet lag just flying from one coast to the other, and you seem to recover from that just fine. Apparently, some people's grip on reality is a little too tight.

    1 comment:

    Ash said...

    I HATE the time change when we lose an hour of sleep. I LOVE the time change when we gain an hour of sleep! :)