Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Internet Lingo

I spend a LOT of time online, whether surfing the web, playing games, reading forums, or chatting. And there's one thing you learn when you do that: people that spend a lot of time online have a language all their own.

But I also have "traditional" friends. You know, the ones that spend more time in meatspace than cyberspace. And sometimes I forget which space I'm in and let some online lingo fly. Which then leads to complicated explanations of terms and expressions and how they came to be.

For example, I say "Oh, really?" a lot. But I don't say it the way you just read it there, I say it the way it's written online. And, out of habit, I expect the proper response. So, for the sake of my friends that didn't know what I was talking about, here are the "Oh really" owls.


Bijoy said...

hey there wonderful picutres. kewl blog intresting stuff you have got there like to visit more often so be in touch


Biby Cletus

Ash said...

Owls are cute :)

DK said...

can you explain lawlz and zomg?