Monday, March 26, 2007

Caption Contest

Another week, another picture. Have fun!

Caption contest

"I have GOT to do something about this hair."


Ash said...

Long caption:

"This is Ash K reporting live for NTTV. Recent sightings of Colonel Sanders with Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis Presley in Disneyland and New Orleans have prompted authorities to exhume the Colonel remains. Ken Fry, the lead investigator from the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation has just released this statement: ‘When the medical examiner opened the Colonel’s casket he was able to identify the contents as chicken bones, paper placemats and grease stains. No human remains were found. We will provide more information as it becomes available.’"

DK said...

The creator of the Fast Food Matrix.

Shannon Perry said...

I have GOT to do something about this hair.

bladio said...

man i rushed home from a jazz show last night to get my entry in only to find out i was too late! for what it's worth, here's my submission: "results of court-ordered col. sanders exhumation released"

NuclearToast said...

"I should eat something, I'm nothing but skin and bones!"