Thursday, March 22, 2007

Background Noise

I'm a big fan of background noise, because it can help cover annoying little noises that you'd otherwise hear.

For example, since I drink a lot of liquid, I visit the restroom at work fairly regularly. And it gets a lot of traffic. Several times a day, someone rushes in, hastily enters a stall and immediately gets down to business.

I work with some great people. But there are some sounds you really don't need to hear. So could we please get some Muzak® in the bathroom? Oh, and a stronger fan.


Ash said...

You should ask for one of those nifty Japanese toilets that make water noises to cover other, less polite noises.

The Exception said...

While doing some searching, I found your site. Interesting.

But I had to comment to this post. There are definitely things that one doesn't want to hear in the bathroom. You mention a few but, there are a few that you might consider. One of the things I do not like hearing, and, I don't really think it needs to be done in the bathroom, is a person talking on their phone. I understand that they seek privacy, have to go and don't want to hang-up, or whatever. I also realize that in many buildings, such as mine, phones don't always work, but honestly...

The other issue is people who insist on having conversations in the bathroom. In my opinion, the office bathroom is about doing one's business, not about conversations, phone calls, and the various other things that people choose to do in there.