Wednesday, February 07, 2007

One Ringtone to Rule Them All

I have the geekiest ringtone ever. I was reminded of this when I forgot to put my phone on vibrate at work, and it went off in a crowd of geeks. All of whom identified it and laughed in a "that's geeky-cool" kind of way.

Why did I get the ringtone I have? Because of this hilarious video.

I've never paid for a ringtone, but I did do a quick web search and downloaded the mp3. I guess I kind of did pay for the ringtone, since I emailed it to my phone. A couple of my friends were in on the whole thing and have it on their phones too. You should see us all scramble when we're together and one of our phones ring. Confusion!

You can get it here.


DK said...

I'd forgotten about those commercials - I just went and watched them all again. Hi-larious!

Shannon Perry said...

I can't believe you duped me into watching that video again.

Ash said...

Hey - I didn't know that you had an actual blog that I could comment on!!!! Yay!