Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chatting Destroyed My Typing Skills

I spend a lot of time online, and much of that includes chatting. IRC. IM. And my constant presence in the MMO I play. These interactive typing environments require quick responses to stay with a conversation.

I type really fast. In fact, online chatting has only increased my typing speed. It has also murderized my ability to use the shift and space keys correctly.

As a writer/editor, I tend to follow writing rules like using punctuation and capitalizing words correctly. Unfortunately, as I try to quickly spurt out text, I find the words get ahead of shifting and spacing. I get words that have two caps at the beginning, or the first letter of a new word at the end of the previous word.

Also, improper shifting combined with the Enter key can cause problems. In some chat clients, it goes to the next line in the text entry field instead of sending the text. In my MMO game, it is a special bind to send to my group channel, not the one I'm talking in.

My backspace key is the most-used key on my keyboard, which just confirms the old aphorism, "Haste makes waste." So if you're chatting with me, I'm not that slow, really. I'm just hitting Backspace like a jackhammer.


Shannon Perry said...

Is that why your right index finger has the little arrow imprinted in the tip? I meant to ask you about that. I thought it was to help you pick your nose from back to front or something . . . .

Ash said...